Principles presented at the ELI Council Meeting


The current draft of the transatlantic project ‘Principles for a Data Economy’ was presented at the ELI Council Meeting on February 11th 2021.

The joint project ‘Principles for a Data Economy’ by the European Law Institute (ELI) and the American Law Institute (ALI) has been the topic of discussion at two major events this week. The Principles made a significant step towards its finalisation as they were presented at the meeting of the ELI Council on February 11th. In September 2021, the Project will also be presented to ELI Members at the ELI Annual Conference 2021.

Earlier this week, on February 8th 2021, the Project Team (consisting of the Project Chairs, Steven O Weise and Lord John Thomas, and Project Reporters Neil Cohen and Christiane Wendehorst) also met with the ELI and ALI Advisory bodies to discuss the latest draft of the Principles. The discussions revolved around various topics, such as common contract types in the Data Economy, data rights or the protection of third parties against infringements on their rights. Experts from both sides of the Atlantic provided the Project Team with valuable feedback that the Project Team will take on for the revised version (‘Tentative Draft No. 2’) to be presented to ALI Members at the ALI Annual Meeting in May 2021.