ALI-ELI Principles for a Data Economy Unanimously Approved by ELI Council and Published


On 1 September 2021, the ELI Council unanimously approved the Final Council Draft of the Principles for a Data Economy: Data Rights and Transactions, a flagship project conducted jointly by the ALI and the ELI. The Final Council Draft is now available online.

This groundbreaking project aims to produce a set of transnational principles that are intended for use in various legal systems, irrespective of the otherwise applicable legal framework. They are designed to make existing law in the field of the data economy more coherent and inspire the further development of the law by courts and legislators worldwide. A full text version of the Final Council Draft can be accessed here (please note that this draft has not been approved by ELI members yet).

The project team wishes to thank the members of the Advisory Committee and Members Consultative Committee of both the ALI and the ELI, who provided comments and support to the them throughout the lifespan of the project. The results of the Project were already approved by the ALI Council in January 2020 (Principles 1–10 and 16–23) and May 2021 (Principles 11–15 and 24–40), as well as by the ALI Membership in May 2021. The Final Council Draft of the ALI-ELI Principles for a Data Economy is currently being submitted for approval to the ELI Membership, which has time to cast its vote until 24 September 2021.

The Principles will also be presented and discussed at the ‘Principles for a Data Economy Conference’ on 18–19 October 2021, which the public is welcome to attend. Further details are available on our conference page.